The Meek Versus the Aggressive


Lion or Lamb?

Lions. What do I naturally associate them with? Well obviously there’s strength, hostility, domination, and a ton of other very extreme terms. Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum: lambs. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ve never envisioned that a lamb would act in an aggressive manner towards anyone or anything. They represent tenderness, innocence, and anything else closely related to those terms. So now that we’ve taken a look at one character trait and the contrary, let’s choose two animals that represent the trickster and the loyal friend. In this case, we have a fox (the deceitful) and a frog (the honest). Now, when I was asked to self-identify with two of these animals, I instantaneously thought “Well why would I want to be known as an aggressor and a trickster?” However, I definitely was more on the lion/fox side of the spectrum, and now I’m aware of the multitude of positive things I can affiliate them with.

For one thing, lions are definitely determined creatures. Never surrendering and not giving up on prey are just two of the things that I admire about them. I would absolutely consider myself an ambitious person in all aspects of life, and while I’m not physically aggressive, I can be very blunt about what I want and the exact steps I will take to obtain my goal. I do tend to take charge, which can be a negative in some scenarios, and it’s difficult for me to diffuse responsibility, even though it must be done. At Booker T., most of us are decisive and know what we want in life. Even though, I’m not currently planing on pursuing a dance major, I have a plan for what I want to achieve and how I will do it. Of course, I would relate this to lions. They know what they want and do whatever it takes to obtain it. Similarly, especially at an arts school, competition is constantly at a maximum with everyone wanting to excel at what they came here for. I’m no different, and I carry this over to the academic aspects of school as well. So while lions can initially carry a negative connotation, the animals surely have some admirable traits.

Now onto the trickery, which is definitely much harder to rationalize as something not completely awful. I would absolutely never, under any circumstances, try to sabotage anyone for personal gains. Valuing trickery is one thing, but sabotaging is on an entirely new level that I would never think of experimenting with. There is a way to be deceitful without severely hurting others along the way. In fact, instead of using “deceitful,” I would use the term “clever,” which is a lot less loaded but still relates to the sly fox figure that I constantly envision. Deceit and cleverness can help you untangle your way out of a mess, which is very useful. I don’t mean that I throw other people under the bus just to help myself out, but being able to think quickly is a necessity.

After I was assigned to the “social experiment” group with three other lion/fox figures, I got a bit worried because we all know what happens when strong personalities are forced together in an environment. It’s honestly, though, going to be a really enjoyable experience because it may help me try to tone down my candidness a bit. Who knows, though? By the end of this six weeks, we may have already strangled one another.


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